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Tired of spending too much time chasing writing assignments, only to be underpaid when you finally find one? Tired of clients who see you as "just a freelancer," rather than a content partner?

Or maybe you’re a professional who wants to downshift from your current career or job into something that leverages both your expertise and your writing skills.

If you’re ready for a system that can turn you into a well-paid, in-demand freelance content writer, my course, The Sought-After Content Writer, may be right for you.

Testimonials for the course

"Pam Neely’s course, The Sought-After Freelance Writer, is very thorough and perfect for a seasoned freelance writer looking to make the money they deserve. Her course was a God-send and covered, in detail, everything from how to find and retain high-paying clients, how to choose the right niche, understanding the buyer’s journey, and even email etiquette and the importance of professionalism in your freelance career, and much more. It would be difficult to find a better course on how to become a highly-paid and expert freelance writer. I highly recommend it."

Vilma Reynoso
Content Creator & Owner
Vegan Spirit Worldwide

Pam's course "The Sought-After Freelance Writer" has completely changed the way I run my freelance writing business. There are so many courses out there promising a get rich quick approach to freelancing that don't really dig into the practical day-to-day workings of the freelancing life. Pam relies on her vast experience as a content marketer to teach her students how to build a successful career through lasting relationships with clients. In addition to being a consummate professional, Pam is simply a great human.

Freelance content writing course testimonial

Sara Beth Wald Content Writer & Website Designer

"Pam, thanks so much for all your efforts to educate us! I've found the class extremely helpful and informative, as well as a great motivator in moving forward. I appreciate all the extras, such as the connections and info on Slack, related links, calls, books, etc. The whole class package has been a wonderful resource, and promises to continue to be in the coming years. I hesitated before signing up for the class, but I'm so glad I did. You are a great teacher, friendly and responsive, and I'm grateful for your kind interest in my work. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you."

Karen Lange
Author, Freelance Writer, & Editor

About me - Pam Neely

I’m a freelance content writer, content marketing strategist, and content writing coach.

My 23 years' experience in digital marketing include:

  • Publishing over a million words online in just the last few years
  • a MS in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University
  • a NY Press Award for a feature story
  • an international Hermes Creative Award for one of my blog posts
  • Copyblogger Master Content Marketer certification
  • Ghostwriting a highly-successful column on Forbes about the intersection of SEO and content marketing

I have deep experience with SEO, including getting one of my sites into first position for the keyword "how to draw," and having several articles about Google Analytics shared by the official Google Analytics Twitter account.

In 2019 I pivoted into becoming an online course creator and a coach for freelance content writers. In addition to The Sought-After Content Writer, I also have a course coming out soon with Domestika about how to write and create email newsletters.

Read more on my About page >

My work has appeared in:

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How to earn more from freelance content writing

Find out what freelance writers who earn $45+ per hour do differently than those who earn $15 or less per hour.

I surveyed 1,300 freelance writers to get this information. It's not opinion. It's not hearsay. It's real-world data. See how to earn more from freelance writing here.

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