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Still ghostwriting columns on Forbes, Entrepreneur and many other major sites you'd recognize
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My work has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, MarketingProfs, MediaPost, InfusionSoft's blog, Duct Tape Marketing's Blog, Jeff Bullas's blog,,, MSN Money, CoSchedule's blog... and more soon. I've also written a successful Kindle book: 50 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List


I will be giving a talk on headlines, "How to Write Headlines That Get 59X More Results" at the Growth Europe Summit on May 14th - 18th.

I will be giving a talk on email copywriting, "How To Write Emails That Make People Click", at the OMLIVE Online Marketing Summit on June 21-22.

5/1: My headline generator tool goes live.

I complete a survey of 1,300 freelance writers - and discover some surprising things.

Seven of my Act-On Software blog posts become finalists for the 2017 B2B Marketing Zone MVP Awards. I win in the Email Marketing category for 5 Simple Ways to Write Better Emails, come in 3rd for Marketing Technology.

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