Business book ghostwriting service

Be seen as a trusted expert with a book that opens doors for you.

Your voice, your expertise, your book

I can write in anyone’s “voice”. All I need is your existing content, a few live interviews, or recorded audio files.

Re-use content you already have

Got a blog? A podcast? Social media posts? You may already have more material for a book than you think.

The best marketing tool you’ll ever have

As a writer and a marketer, I understand how to design a book that actually drives business.

Do you struggle with?

  • Finding high-quality clients or customers who are willing to pay you well
  • Getting recognition and respect for your experience and expertise
  • Getting clients to trust you enough to follow your advice
  • Knowing a book could help you, but not having the time, skills, or motivation to write it yourself?
Pam Neely, business book ghostwriter

I make it easy for entrepreneurs, coaches, professionals, and executives to have their own book. 

Here are the services I offer:

Business book ghostwriting

Business book ghostwriting

Zero to book in 10 weeks. Sound like a lot? It’s not. You just send me all your existing content (blog, newsletters, etc) or we can do a few interviews together. If you’re really short on time, I can just send you a series of questions and you can record audio files with answers.

We’ll shape the idea for your book and define its target audience. I’ll develop an outline, then create a draft of your book in a Google doc, so you can see my progress every step of the way.

I can also get quotes from other experts or your clients to use in the book, and we can even do some original research (like a survey) if that will help make your book stand out.

I’ll give you time to read the first and second drafts, and I encourage you to find one or two readers so they can give you feedback as well. Before you know it, you’ll have a real, live book.

See my week-by-week business book ghostwriting process in the FAQ section on this page.

Book production services

Book production

I’ll take your finished manuscript and lay it out for publication as an on-demand printed book and as a Kindle book.

I’ve used a number of tools to lay out books with: Kindle Create, Atticus, InDesign, even Microsoft Word.

Book promotion services

Book promotion

Promotion for business books is different than what we’d do for a fiction book. Book sales matter less, for one thing: The bulk the revenue you’ll earn from your book will be through the new clients it attracts for your business.

That said, we do still want a good launch. So we’ll need to get a few reviewers lined up for you, and you’ll need at least a modest social media campaign, and hopefully a few appearances on podcasts, or other media visibility. This is especially true for the initial launch – we want your book to make one of Amazon’s bestseller lists, even if it’s only for a few days.

Business book ghostwriting and lead generation service

Lead generation

Every book should have a “next step” for the reader. Even if it’s just a call-to-action to join your email list or to book a call with you, your book needs to offer readers a way to learn more about your services. In other words, your book needs to be designed as a lead generation device, in addition to “just” being a good book.

There are so many ways to do lead generation. You can offer a standard “lead magnet” – a piece of content that goes into more detail about a topic you touched on in your book. Or you can offer a series of videos. You can offer a quiz or assessment, or some other kind of self-evaluation tool.

We’ll talk about all the options. But don’t skip this step: Adding lead generation to your book is the best way to have it become your most powerful marketing tool.

How to use a book to market your business. I don't just write books. I also help people market their business with their book.

Using your book to market your business

So you’ve got a book now… but what next? There are dozens of ways to use a book to promote your business. We’ll talk about what makes sense for your specific situation, then develop a plan that’s both realistic for you to achieve, and most likely to double or triple your business. (Nope: Not an exaggeration. A book can be the best marketing tool you’ll ever have.)

business book ghostwriting and content creation services.

Content creation, including blog posts, social media posts, ebooks, videos, online courses, email autoresponders (“sequences”) and email newsletters

By the time we’ve got a book written together, I’m going to know your work really well. We’re also going to have a huge content asset (your book) that can be repurposed into so many other content formats. Blog posts. Videos. Social media posts. Email copy. Email newsletters. Quizzes. Even an app.

If you want to get more mileage out of content you’ve already hired me to create, I’d love to talk to you about my ideas for repurposing the content in your book, or for how to repurpose content you’ve already got to be used in your book. This is similar to a “blog to book” strategy, but a little more sophisticated.

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How it works

Step 1: Book a call

Click the yellow “book a call” button to fill out my intake form. I’ll review your answers and send you the link to schedule a call with me.

Filling out the intake form might take a minute or two, but it will make our call together much more productive.

Step 2: Get a plan.

I’ll use your answers from the intake form to make the most of our time on the call so I can give you a clear path forward that’s customized to your situation. 

Our call will last about 45 minutes. If you’re ready to move forward by the end of it, I’ll have the next steps all ready to go.

Step 3: You keep earning money while I write your book. 

You’ll pay the initial deposit and I’ll start developing your book.

10-12 weeks later, you’ll be holding a copy of it in your hands. 

Books open doors.

I know, because the book I published changed everything for me.

That’s why I’m so excited to be offering book ghostwriting services. That, and I love to help people get better work, better clients, and better pay.

If you think a book might help you, but you’re not sure about your writing skills, or you’re not sure how to develop an idea for a book, or you’re just not sure how to publish it, let’s talk.

Business book ghostwriting service for entrepreneurs, creators, solo professionals, executives, and small business owners.

About me – Pam Neely

I’m a business book ghostwriter, content marketing strategist, email newsletter expert, and content writing coach.

My 25 years’ experience in digital marketing and online publishing includes:

  • a New York Press Award for a feature story published in a local newspaper
  • Ghostwriting a highly-successful column on Forbes about the intersection of SEO and content marketing
  • Writing, publishing, and promoting a best-selling non-fiction business book
  • Publishing over a million words online
  • a MS in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University
  • an international Hermes Creative Award for one of my blog posts
  • Copyblogger Master Content Marketer certification
  • Being a globally-recognized expert in email marketing and email newsletters
  • Being a Content Marketing Manager for a major email service provider

I also have deep experience with SEO, including getting one of my sites into first position for the keyword “how to draw,” and having several articles about Google Analytics shared by the official Google Analytics Twitter account.

After years of being a freelance writer, in 2019 I pivoted into becoming an online course creator and a coach for freelance content writers. I then spent a year as a Content Marketing Manager for a major email service provider, before I returned to working for myself – and you, hopefully – as a business book ghostwriter.

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My work has appeared in:

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