Want better work, better pay, and better clients? To skip the learning curve and build a profitable content writing business fast?

Then this is the freelance content writing course for you.

The Sought-After Content Writer course takes good writers who know they should be earning more and turns them into the in-demand, well-paid writers they deserve to be.

It’s a proven way for professionals with writing skills to pivot into successful freelance writers.

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freelance content writing course

Highlights of the Sought-After Content Writer course include:

  • How businesses monetize content. Once you understand this, you’ll be able to go from $50 to $500 blog posts.
  • How to identify which clients can pay you well. (Not all can.)
  • How and why to pick a niche you'll like, you'll make money in, and you'll be able to pivot around in.
  • How to write in a client's brand "voice," cite sources, use images, and make your content SEO-friendly.
  • How to build an efficient writer's platform, include how to write clips that actually get business, how to use LinkedIn, and how to build a website in less time and with less technical hassle than you'll believe.
  • How to find clients (without spending days doing it).
  • How to manage the business-side of your writing business, so you've got basic legal protections and a way keep your financial house in order.
  • How to add other services so you can earn more.
  • Eighteen 75-minute Zoom group calls per year. Ask questions, share your wins, or hear me do a deep-dive on a specific subject. All calls are recorded.
  • A private Slack group for questions, cheering each other on, and networking with other writers in the course.

I open the Sought-After Content Writer course a couple of times a year. If you'd like to get an announcement when I launch again, sign up here.

As a thank you for your patience, I'll send you one of my ebooks, 10 Things Highly-Paid Freelance Writers Do, when you sign up for the waitlist. You will also be added to my newsletter list.

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