I have managed dozens of pay per click accounts, including one that spent over $3 million per year. I’ve taken Perry Marshall’s Bobsled Run and studied the work of Glen Livingston closely for years. This experience and training, combined with my Master’s Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing, allows me to write about pay per click marketing with an expertise that few other writers can deliver.

I welcome work from marketing websites and magazines, and internet marketing firms that need content about how pay per click works. I write blog posts, landing pages, white papers, website copy and more.

Here are some examples of my pay per click writing:

another article: Cut AdWords Costs by a Third Or More With Negative Keywords

another article: What Does Google Think Your Site’s About?

and another: How to Survive Google’s New Landing Page Requirements

This is a pay per click cover story I wrote for the monthly magazine of an online training program.

Pay per click cover storyFirst page of a pay per click cover story I wrote

You can download this article as a pdf.

A letter of recommendation from the client that I managed $3 million per year in pay per click spending.