Headline Generator / Content Idea Generator

Need an almost unlimited number of content ideas, but don’t know where to start? The Headline Generator/Content Idea Generator will ask you a few questions, then give you back more than 200 headlines and content ideas.

Content Planner

Want to take a headline or content ideas, assign it to a writer, add a publishing schedule, and some basics like persona, content format, and an outline? The Content Planner has you covered. It can also save all the details about any piece of content to Trello or Google Calendar. Or, if you want, send your content plans to anyone via an email message.

Social Post Generator

Need to create a lot of social media posts for a particular piece of content, but don’t want to figure out how to write each one? The Social Post Generator will ask you a few questions, then assemble up to 12 unique social media posts that you can share to different social media platforms. You’ll get two versions of each post – one with hashtags, and one without.