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Transcript of Create An Email Signature Line Opt-in Tutorial

Hi everybody. I wanted to talk to you today about how to get more email subscribers every time you send an email. The way to do that is to add a prompt to join your email list to your email signature line. I’m going to show you how to do this in Gmail because, frankly, it’s one of the most complicated. There are a lot of email clients as well, you know. Once you’ve gotten the gist of it here, I’m sure it will be pretty easy.

First thing to do is to go into settings. I’m going to set it up so that you can, first, send emails from your Gmail account as if you were sending them from a site you own. Let me show you what I mean by that. That’s what I mean by that. If you owned Ultralight Journey or Start A Consignment store or any of these, you can choose a pull down menu in Gmail that will make it look like you were sending from those URLs.

Lets add another email address you own. Treat it as an alias. It’s all good. Send through Gmail is good. Send verification is exactly what we want. So now we’re going to go check our email address and get the verification code. There it is. Here we are. Please click the link below to confirm your request. Also, while I’m here, I’m going to copy that because if you remember from that little yellow window, we need it there. So we’ll do that. Great, you can now send — there it is. Enter and verify the confirmation codes, so click there and verify.

We’ve done both, that’s actually overkill but there we are. I’m going to close this now and I’m going to go back into my settings. Lets see what happens if I click reload. There it is. As you can see, I can make it default if I wanted to. I’m going to leave that alone for now.

What we want to do now is go into “general” and then we’re going to create the actual signature line. Your signature, we want for “start a bakery.” So sign up for free weekly email updates from start a bakery — I’m going to put .com and I’m going to copy that as well and then I’m going to link the call to action. We need to put in the HTTP stuff, so let’s test this.

It opens. That’s good to go. Very nice. I’m going to click “okay.” Go down and click “save changes.” Now we’re done.

Right now we’re sending people to the home page of and that’s actually a really common mistake for list building. It’s a good start and I did it because in this tutorial I just wanted to show you how to put in an email signature line. Ideally, what we would be doing is sending people to a landing page. That’s going to be a separate tutorial because creating landing pages to optimize all your traffic is hugely important. It will literally triple your email list growth and it’s something that’s worth spending some time on.

For right now, that’s how you add a signature line to all the emails you send. Just to verify it, lets go over here and I will choose from “contacted startabakery” and as you can see, there’s my signature line. I would begin my message and then when someone got it, they could click through and go to the website and get a prompt.

After we’ve done the landing page, they’ll go to a beautiful landing page that will focus their attention and sell them on how excellent the email updates are.

There you go guys. Very easy, very fast thing to do. Very effective. Talk to you soon, bye.