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Transcript of How To Do Keyword Research for a Blog Post Video Tutorial

It seems like I have got the beginning of a topic. Lets go over to Google AdWords. Now I’m going to enter “storytelling” and obviously, get ideas. It’s doing it’s little thing right now. They always give you adgroups, but you want keyword ideas. So here we have an enormous amount of keywords about storytelling.

Digital storytelling, all this. The competition is very low, that’s another good sign. This is for ad competition but it still gives you an idea. Storytelling is a new concept. Visual storytelling, online storytelling. I’m going to add stuff that is of interest to me and the article I am writing. That might be a title and I’m just going to add a couple — work shops I don’t want. Quotes…meh. Interactive, yes. Games, no. Training? Interesting. Methods, definitely. Corporate, no, because I’m not going to write about the national storytelling festival. Again, what is storytelling? Organizational storytelling.

Anything — the art of storytelling. That has got to be a book because there’s a lot of searches. Storytelling books, you could do a listicle of TED talks, you can do a listicle of books. Listicles, for those of you who have never heard of them, are articles that are basically lists. Sometimes they are looked down on by the content marketing elite, but the reality is that listicles do really well in terms of how often they get shared, how often they get read. They’re just very viral and we’ll take a look at that in a moment.

So what I’ve — I’ve got 18, I think that’s good. We’re going to go over here and download this and I want it in excel. I’m going to save the file. There’s my file and yes, lets open with Microsoft Excel. Lets make this so you can see it. Okay. What I’m going to do in here is grab all these. These are the, as you can tell, the keywords. I’m going to copy all that and then I’m going to go over to my favorite keyword competition tool which is Moz Pro.

Most unfortunately, this has a $99 a month subscription. I’ve been doing all kinds of things to make use of the free trial, including borrowing my boyfriend or my mother’s credit card with their permission of course, but the one month trial is only a dollar. I just try to do all my keyword research within the one month trial. A couple of times I’ve actually had to pay the $99, but I find it really expensive and I wish they didn’t charge so much, but their prices are not unusual.

So what we’re seeing here is, what we’re interested in is this column. This is the keyword difficulty. 73 for something, it’s alright. 50s are good. Anything over 80, unless you’ve got a whole department of people working, you’re probably not going to rank on it. Even the 70s are kind of questionable, but 40s are nice. Again, this art of storytelling, what is storytelling? That is an opportunity. These — 33 is nice, but there’s only 12 searches a month, that’s not going to help us too much.

“What is storytelling” is a nice opportunity, so I might go with that. Storytelling definition, yeah, I don’t want anything that’s much less than 100 words. “What is storytelling” is really the best one. There’s “art of storytelling.” “Digital storytelling” is a little bit more competitive.

“Storytelling techniques.” That’s a great keyword. What you could do immediately with that title is you could do “what is storytelling, how small business owners can leverage this new marketing trend.” That just comes right off the cuff. It’s a little canned, but “what is storytelling,” I’m thinking — “what is storytelling and why it can help your business.” That’s a viable blog post title. That’s how we come up with blog post topics.

I’m going to pause here and resume in the next video where we’ll talk about writing a headline and get specific about the best techniques for writing headlines. Talk soon. Bye.