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Transcript of Magic Action Box Plugin – Introduction Tutorial

Hi guys, this is Pam Neely. I wanted to tune you into a plug-in called “Magic Action Box.” It can be really helpful for growing your list more quickly.

There is a free version of Magic Action Box and there are also some paid versions of Magic Action Box. Here’s the basics of why I’m interested in what it does. Magic Action Box will add an opt-in box to either the top of one of your blog posts or to the bottom. It’s also one of the better tools for creating a full width opt-in box like the one you see here.

If you get the paid version, there’s the pro version, which is $47 and then there is a developer version which is $97. With the pro version, it will allow you to put in different opt-in boxes for pages versus posts. It will also let you put in a different kind of opt-in box or call the action to different blog post categories. So it really lets you get sophisticated and quite granular with what kind of opt-ins you have on your pages.

Another thing that it does with the developer version is it gives you a pop-up and an extra $50 may not be worth spending on just to get another pop-up, because as you know, there’s hundreds of different pop-up plugins. The cool version about the developer, at least from my view, is that it lets you use the pro version of the plugin on anyone else’s site, like your client’s sites. For all of you who are from ad agencies, marketing consultants, website developers; that might be worth an extra $50 to be able to install it on any of your other clients websites.

For me, the real reason for upgrading from the lite version to the pro is this AB split testing. It also lets you do a sign up through Facebook which might be cool and it gives you analytics.

I want to kick the tires of the free version a little bit more and you’ll see some of that as we do this install. We’re going to be adding an opt-in form to the bottom of our blog post.

I really like the analytics angle of it and I think if it offers the analytics, it may be a way to see which opt-in forms are working.

If you’re a Mailchimp person, this is primarily targeting at Mailchimp people, but I’ll spread it out also for whether you use AWeber or GetResponse. This will all apply to you just the same. As you know, Mailchimp only lets you have one opt-in form, so this might be a way to figure out where your opt-ins are coming from. As we’ve talked about, you’ve got six different opt-in forms on your site, so it’s really important to know where you’re getting your subscribers. Enough about all of that.

It’s possible, after more extensive testing — possible expensive testing too — that I might buy the ultimate version and make that available to the people who are going to be in the membership site. We’ll see. I’ll have to like it enough to unleash it upon you guys.