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Transcript of Set up an RSS Email in MailChimp – Create & Send to a Segment

Hey there. Just for thoroughness I figured I’d give you an example of how to edit this. And I was going to edit it so I was sending only to me.

So we don’t need to know this – it’s still sending me these helpful little tips. And so this is what I want. Before I do that, let me go into “Lists” and I’m going to automatically add myself. So let’s go to “Manage subscribers”. I’m going to add a subscriber. And so I’m going to add…very nice. I’m not going to include anything here. They gave me permission. And click “Subscribe”. And so that really is all I needed to know.

I guess I could add…this is another one of my little websites, just in case, as a duplicate. Okay, so I’ve got two more subscribers. I want to find “Segments”. There we go. “Segments”. And let’s create a segment. And how about we do email address,, what we want is “contains”, and let’s see if we can’t find me. There I am. So that’s great.

I want to create this segment. No, we don’t – oh, that’s all I can do. So let’s just save the segment. “What do you want to name your segment?” Pams. Here we go, “Pam’s emails”. That’s great. And I want to “Auto-Update”. And so that’s done, cool.

Let’s go over to “Campaigns” and what we’re going to do is I’m going to swap this out, so I’m going to edit this. Once you’ve sent something, that becomes a regular HTML email. This is the actual RSS email and so this is what I want to do. First thing I have to do is pause this. And I’m all set to send but I want to change my list. And so I want to send to a saved segment. That’s great. And “Next”. This is all good to go. Go to “Next”.

And it should have already selected a template. There it is. Now let’s see if it saved my post, because we changed this to “Recent Posts”. So that was preserved.

And it’s just walking us through the whole project. And there’s my two recipients, so that’s great.

And now I’m going to “Send Now & start RSS campaign”. “You are about to start sending new posts” to this. I do want to continue. And that’s great.

So that’s how we make changes. So congratulations on your RSS feed training. Now go out and create your RSS feed for your emails. Talk to you later. Bye.