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Transcript of How to Write a Blog Post – Pomodoro 1 Video Tutorial

Hello. So I’m back and I have good news to report. I’ve done my 25 minutes of my first pomodoro and after a few initial moments of absolute stalling out, going through my usual thing of “I can’t do this, I’m going to not be able to finish this blog post. The world is going to fall on my head. This is impossible, I picked the wrong topic,” etc etc. All the anxiety, I actually managed to come up with an idea to block out the information. What I had, which is part of my title, is “Storytelling Techniques.”

As you seen, I had a couple different articles that had a great list of different storytelling techniques. What really interested the most was applying that to peoples’ businesses so they could actually use this information and take this huge, lofty marketing concept and apply it to a brick and mortar, “mom and pop” kind of business. I had a couple — there was only really one good article about applying it to your business. There were a bunch about using storytelling in your blog. Then, one person mentioned your “about page” which is a fabulous idea. Then, of course, there’s videos for storytelling.

So I kind of just wrote that out as a list — I don’t know why, because I was just — move it forward, you get your thread and you just got to go with it. When I had that, I immediately thought of, “well these are three other ways that are really helpful that storytelling would definitely help you build your business.”

All of the sudden I had six areas that you can apply it. Then I had these techniques. So I wanted the simple version of techniques. They really kind of fell out and again, I started this as a list and it kind of fell out of seven different basic storytelling techniques. I was getting up to go get a cup of coffee and basically, the intro just walked up and shook my hand. So I went back to my computer immediately. I was actually on a break and then I started the pomodoro as soon as I got — that first paragraph just came and talked to me.

I basically entered “what is storytelling — storytelling isn’t hard. You don’t have to be a fortune 500 company for it to apply to you. Here are some ways to apply storytelling to your business and some techniques to help you tell better stories.” That’s the way the post has immediately fallen into place. I got an enormous amount of words done even though I had a panicky start. Usually it’s three or four hundred, if that.

I don’t think I’ve done 579 words in a 25 minute block in a while. So I’m real happy with this. As you can tell, my title has shifted. It had been “5 storytelling techniques” but 7 kind of walked up and shook my hand. That’s a metaphorical way of saying that they just appeared. So I’ve got a great start at my blog post. I’m already feeling a little bit less panicky about it.

That’s all you need to know. If you get this far in your first pomodoro, you should be real happy. I’m going to go back to work and I’ll see you in 25 minutes from now. Bye.