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Transcript for How to Write a Blog Post – Pomodoro 2 Video Tutorial

Hello. I just finished my second pomodoro and I’m real happy to report. I came in a 1,069 words. These blog posts I’m writing for this particular client needs to be at least 800 words. I’ve got enough words. My habit is really is normally I need about three pomodoros to get enough writing to start editing, but I got really lucky in this. I managed to knock out another 400 words in the last round. I’ve got enough to start editing, which I’m just really happy that this has come together so quickly.

There’s not a whole lot here that you don’t already know about. Really, I’ve just fleshed out each one of those list items and written a paragraph or so. I actually ended up having about six minutes left over in my pomodoro because I got to the bottom of this last one and I had six more minutes in the pomodoro and I didn’t want to end early. I’ve said pretty much everything I want to say in this. I might add a closing paragraph. You either ask people, “what’s been your experience with this?” or you leave some kind of opening to hopefully encourage comments because you want comments on your blog post. I might add that later.

Now what I’m going to do for the text is I’m going to start going in and editing this. I’ll read it out loud and that will be my next pomodoro. Before I get too caught up in explaining that to you, what I spent my last six minutes on is looking for images. I ended up going to Big Stock Photo, I have a subscription here. I like this a lot. I’m on the 10 images a day and when I’m really creating a lot of content, this is really good.

These are the images I found. Every blog post you publish has got to have at least one image and preferably maybe two or three. Fortunately, this is kind of an unusual blog post because, usually, I would include a statistic or something. I do have one tool, so I’m going to add a screen shot of the PowToon home page as an image for this because it’s a tool that I like a lot, they have a free trial so it’s a cool thing. It’s a nice image to add, so I’m going to do that and I’m going to probably download a couple of these — I don’t think I’m going to download him — but that’s a good header image that this website can use. They’re cute as well to add an image around. There’s one paragraph where I talk about visual content, so that’s a great place to add that.

Enough talk about that. I have finished my draft basically at this point. I’m not going in adding images and I’m going to start editing. You can see I’ve got a lot of little typos here and there. I’m going to read it out loud, clean up the sentences. I don’t know if I have a really good work session in the next 25 minutes, I might knock this blog post out in three pomodoros which I don’t think I’ve done before. Particularly for this, but this really fell together nicely. You get lucky sometimes.

Honestly, there are blog posts that I’ve written that have ended up taking almost a day to do. Sometimes, like this, I get lucky and the whole post falls together in an hour and a half or something. You never know what’s going to happen until you’re actually writing.

Anyways, enough of this. I will do another 25 minutes and lets see if I can finish this crazy thing in the next 25 minutes. I don’t know, but we’ll try.

Alright, talk soon. Bye.