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Transcript of How to Write a Blog Post – Pomodoro 3 Video Tutorial

Hello again. This is where I’m at at the end of pomodoro number three. I am not done. Spent 25 minutes just rewriting all of this. Reading it out loud. Frankly, I rewrote this I think at least twice, this intro. I will probably read it again out loud.

The next thing I’m going to do is add images and captions. Then I’m going to, again, read it out loud one more time. So I’ve probably got at least one more pomodoro just adding the pictures, the captions and basically worrying over it a little bit longer. I didn’t lose too many words, which is good. Sometimes when I do edits like this, I can lose two or three hundred words but that didn’t happen here. I’m okay with this blog post. I don’t feel great about it, but I feel pretty good. I did also add that closing, basically a call to action. It’s a real good thing especially if you’re writing posts for your own website. You really want to add a call to action at the bottom. not only to get comments but it’s also a really good best practice.

HubPages is the place that does this especially well is at the end of every blog post, not only do they have an email opt-in, which we’ll be doing, they also have an opt-in that’s related to the topic of the blog post. For this, I might have a report about content marketing for beginners or some kind of free report that I’m offering as an opt-in that’s related to this specific blog post topic.

That’s a lot of work. That’s the advanced course is when you’ve got multiple different opt-ins that are customized for the content across your site. That way it leverages the marketing principle of relevancy which is a huge — and you see it all over marketing once you know what relevancy is. Basically, it’s the ancient principle practically, that if people are interested in one thing, they’re probably interested in something that’s similar to it.

So that’s why it works so well to have an opt-in for a related ebook at the bottom of a blog post that’s basically about content marketing.

Enough with that. I’m going to go put 24 minutes into this and spend some more time worrying on it. I should be done at the end of the next pomodoro which is still really great to have gotten this done in four. Usually it’s five, sometimes it’s six.

Enough of that, I will see you after the next 25 minute block. Bye.