The Write a Book Challenge

Plan, draft, publish, and promote a short, non-fiction Kindle book in 12 weeks

This course is designed for freelance writers and other solo professionals or consultants who want to publish a Kindle book in order to boost their businesses, get more visibility for their work, or position themselves as an authority on a particular topic. 

How the program roughly breaks out:

  • Month 1: Plan and draft your book
  • Month 2: Edit and prep your book for publication
  • Month 3: Publish and promote your book

Here’s the support/structure this course provides:

  • A 12-week calendar with well-defined goals set every week to move you from idea to published book. 
  • A weekly emailed check-in so you stay on schedule and remember why you wanted to write your book and what it will mean to you once it’s done.
  • Online lessons and “homework” each week to help you move through each phase of creating and publishing a book. These include:
    • detailed worksheets to help you plan and outline your book
    • different techniques for getting through “writer’s block” and getting words down on the page so your book actually gets written, even if you’re “not a writer”
    • ample time for rewriting your draft, so you have a final manuscript you can be proud of
    • how to get quotes and do research, so your book is not only much more valuable, but you build your network and your promotion team before your book is even published
    • how to find and work with editors and proofreaders so you don’t have any embarrassing errors in your book
    • how to embed some light marketing into your book so you can build an audience and use your book as a lead-generating tool for your business
    • how to set up your book with Kindle Create, or who to hire to do this work for you
    • how to publish both a Kindle version of your book and a print-on-demand paperback edition
    • how to set up and write your book’s listing on Amazon, including how to get your first reviews
    • how to use promotion and marketing tools (including Amazon’s) so you get enough sales for your book to be visible
  • The opportunity to ask questions and get personalized answers at any point in the program

Ready to get started?

The program is set up as a membership with “dripped” content, so each week you’ll be getting a new week’s worth of materials to move you toward a published book. The course takes three months to complete, at a cost of $27 a month. So $81 all in. If you want to take longer to complete the plan (or to write a second book), just don’t cancel your membership.

Why you should write a book – and why it’s not that hard

How I Got $86,000 Worth of Freelance Writing Work from a Kindle Book

So is it unrealistic to draft a book in a month?

No. Not if it’s a Kindle book. Kindle books can be as short as 12,000 words. Even just 25,000 words is considered a good-sized Kindle book. 

For the typical freelance writer or working writer, writing 1,000 words per day of a draft is not at all an unrealistic goal. This means you can easily draft a 15,000-word Kindle book in three weeks if you write 1,000 words per day every weekday. 

If the idea of writing 1,000 words a day seems impossible, keep in mind that you can also “talk” your book out. Almost every cell phone now has a “notes” app that includes a speech to text function. It’s easy to use and you’ll only have to “talk” your book out for about seven minutes a day to get a first draft down. You can talk about a subject that interests you for seven minutes a day, right?

Who this program is NOT for

People who want to write a fiction book

If you’re looking to write a fiction book, this isn’t the program for you. This program is designed expressly to help people write a concise, “short read” Kindle book that will boost their businesses or establish them as an authority on a particular topic. Fiction books are completely different from nonfiction books, and you will probably be disappointed with the course materials if you try to use them to write a fiction book.

People who want to make a lot of money from their book

Not going to lie to you here: You’re probably not going to make a mint off your Kindle book. If you end up making even $500 a month from it, that would be unusually good. This program is not designed for the “write a lot of Kindle books and make a ton of money” business model. This program is designed for people who want to have a book that they can use as a lead-generation device to get clients, make more sales, or boost their visibility.

People who want to create a “low content” book

“Low content” books are yet another “business model” some people try to make work on Amazon. The idea is to pick a topic, pull together a bunch of public domain or rewritten content from around the web, and then publish it. Topic selection is usually based on enough searches to sell a few books, but topics with no to low competition. These books are basically filler content that could be found anywhere on the web.

That is not the book I want to help you write. I am obviously not expecting us to publish Pulitzer-quality books in four months, but I do hope that people in this program can put together a short book that delivers value. This is one of the biggest “secrets” to publishing a business-boosting book like the one in this program: People don’t actually want a long book. They want something they can read in 2-3 hours, something that’s clear and understandable and useful, without distracting errors or digressions, or even too much information. But they do expect some level of quality and not to be given filler.

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