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Pam Neely is an award-winning freelance content writer, a content marketing strategist, and a writing coach. Her accolades include a NY Press Award and CopyBlogger Master Content Marketer certification.

Pam is also the creator of The Sought-After Freelance Writer course, which shows freelance writers how to get better work, better pay, and better clients.

A few years ago I did something that completely changed my freelance writing.

I stopped following the traditional advice freelance writers get.

There are some freelance writing coaches who would tell you the best way to get freelance writing clients is to…

… Send cold emails
… Get listed on content services
… Apply to listings on freelance writing job boards
… Keep your rates “competitive”

I disagree 100%.

All those methods of getting clients just turn freelance writers into beggars. The vast majority of the time, those tactics generate bad work for bad pay.

I used to send out cold emails. I’ve done my time on job boards and writing for content services. I’ve even tried keeping my rates reasonably “competitive” by writing blog posts for $400 or less.

Even with those disadvantages, I was still able to earn six figures as a freelance writer because I knew how to write A LOT. Like more than 12,000 words a week.

But ultimately, that approach just ended up with me in a hand brace, cringing through pain in order to write. It impaired my health, my relationship… even my cats started to hate me.

So I had to change. I had to re-invent my freelance writing business in a way that kept me in the six-figure club (or near it) but that allowed me to reduce my work hours enough so I wouldn’t be exhausted all the time.

And I did. And thanks to some savvy business management, I am still – in Q1 2021 – getting up to four inquiries per week from companies who want me to write for them. All without having to do one minute of outreach. All my work comes to me.

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More about Pam’s 24 years in digital marketing

Pam has:

• Been a freelance content writer for over 15 years now.

• Published over a million words online in the last few years in publications ranging from Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, MarketingProfs, CoSchedule’s blog, and many, many others.

• Won a Gold Hermes Award for blogging, plus many other B2B content awards and accolades.

• Earned Master Content Marketer certification from Copyblogger.

• Won a New York Press Award for a feature article she wrote while still in college.

• Run a/b split-tests on headlines that have saved her clients up to $900,000 per year in ad spend.

• Got one of her websites to first position for the term “how to draw.” (She has since sold that website.)

• Earned a Master’s Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University.

• Been building, writing, and marketing websites since 1997.

• Launched, grown, and sold three internet businesses.

Learn more about Pam past work history here.

Find out more about Pam’s Sought-After Freelance Writer course here

When she’s not working, Pam is usually…

When she’s not working, Pam is usually:

• Gardening. Pam is a certified Master Gardener who is known to take on large projects. She tries to obey the rule of “no backhoes” to keep things under control.

• Having a delicious dinner with her husband and partner of 18 years. Pam is actually a Pastor’s wife, which is not something anyone who knows her ever, ever expected.

• Improving and documenting the 118-mile thru-hike she blazed, which goes from the Santa Fe Ski Basin all the way to Taos Plaza in northern New Mexico. Pam only got to do something like this because she got her freelance writing business dialed in.

• Traveling. Her recent adventures include a five-week solo vacation in Ireland (she walked the equivalent of the entire width of the island), a 3-week vacation by train through Europe with her husband, and spending 2 weeks in Morocco house sitting for her brother. She is saving up to take a tracking certification course in Africa.

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