These are just a sampling of the emails I’ve written. I love email as a medium and have written several hundred emails – either as email newsletters, welcome email sequences, or sales emails. If you’d like to see more of my email copywriting portfolio, sign up for the waiting list for my content writing course. That will put you on my email list. You can unsubscribe with one click at any time.

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Autoresponder for a sugar substitute / weight loss product

This is one email out of a series of four emails I wrote for this product. It was a ghost-writing assignment; I was mimicking the voice of a copywriter who’s sold a billion dollars worth of things online (not a typo). I did well enough with this assignment that I was hired to write more and to be brought in on the internal term and to work with that copywriter.

Email copywriting portfolio sample of a sales email for a weight loss product

Email newsletter I wrote for a national hardware store chain

This was a fun piece I wrote while at an ad agency in New York. I had to do some research to find out interesting details like screws are better for treehouses than nails, but that was the fun part. This email performed very well for the chain. There is one thing I would do differently now: Use shorter paragraphs. Paragraphs in email copy shouldn’t be more than five lines.

Email newsletter copywriting example

Email promotion written for a gadget

I wrote this for an assignment on one of the large freelancing hubs. I also wrote a companion landing page for this email, which was a really smart move on the client’s part. Email copy and the landing page for the email need to align perfectly. The consistency is critical for high conversion rates. Fortunately, the client loved both the email copy and the landing page copy – I got a raving review that helped me get more work on the platform.

Email copywriting portfolio sample: Email written for a device that helps people find their phones

First email of an email welcome sequence for a photographer

This is one email from a series of five emails for a California photographer. I did the design as well, and brainstormed with the client to develop the content for this welcome series. We wanted to do a “soft sell,” but to also help his new subscribers value his work and trust him enough to hire him sooner rather than later. Welcome email sequence work especially well for building trust and pre-selling people right after they’ve subscribed. New subscribers may never be as interested in your and your work as when they first subscribe – why not make the most of that opportunity?

email copywriting sample - welcome email sequence