The Freelance Content Writers’ Website Lookbook

This 85-page document reviews what I found when I reviewed 300 freelance writers’ websites. It shows you what to put on each page of your site and gives MANY screenshots of examples for what other writers have done. I’m walking you through the best elements of the best writers’ websites I’ve seen.

Click the cover to download the PDF lookbook.

The password to the Lookbook is “$75ormoreperhour”.

This Lookbook was part of a section of a course I did for freelance content writers.

Those materials include:

  • The Writers Website Worksheet. (PDF and MS Word template)

This worksheet will walk you through how to write your writer’s website. It explains each section of your website and what to say in it. You can print out the pdf and work on it section by section in long hand (sometimes that’s easier if you’re having trouble writing your site). I’ve also included a version of the PDF that I filled out for my example, so you can see how I filled out the form.

It’s MUCH easier to get a site done if you write all the sections of your website before you start building your site or having someone else build your site.

  • Packages to Offer Your Clients.

This is similar to the lookbook, but it’s specific to writing packages. Packages are an excellent way to present yourself as a writing pro and to earn more. This doc also includes a one-page worksheet at the end to walk you through creating your own package/s.

  • An 83-minute tutorial of me building a writer’s website in Squarespace.

I actually built the website in ONE HOUR with Squarespace, and this is the video documenting it. The sample writer’s site I built had a home page, about page, testimonials page, services page, and a contact page with a working form. It cost $46 to make, including $20 for the domain because I went with the monthly plan rather than the annual plan, which would have included a free domain.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars or a month of work building your website.